The Subway

The Subway overpass is an iconic part of downtown that was once in the middle of Moncton’s bustling retail center. The corner of Foundry and Main Street was once home to Woolworths, Eatons, Cloggs Diamonds, Zellers, and many  more. Retail businesses and hotels wanted to be close the Subway so they would be visible to train passengers arriving in the city and because of it’s proximity to the train station.

Built in 1915, the Subway overpass was erected to solve the problem of trains stopped at the CNR railway station blocking Main Street resulting in traffic and pedestrians having to pass by going up Lutz street.

After it’s construction the subway overpass  sparked a series of new construction to “modernize” the downtown including rebuilding the flat-iron building with a brick facade and the construction of the Subway block. In the last 100+ years many trucks have been a victim of the sharp approach and low clearance, colliding into it and shaking the entire block. (And usually making the newspaper).

As much as Moncton has changed in the last century it would be hard to picture downtown without the Subway.

Pink Subway

There was a time when The Subway was painted Pink and covered with local artwork. Every year Main Street would close for the Railroad Days and local artists and students would paint it.

Construction and early photos

Some photos showing the construction of the Subway and early photos