A collection of old photos and some history of Moncton.

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Vintage Moncton Blog

Champlain Place

Long before it became the dominant (and now the only) shopping mall in Greater Moncton, it was [...]

Highfield Square

There was once a time that Greater Moncton had 4 shopping Malls: Riverview Mall, Champlain Place, Moncton [...]

Remembrance Day – 1960

Here are some photos from Remembrance Day 1959 and 1960. Credit: Tracey Steeves and Wendall Steeves [...]

Sailing the Petitcodiac

In the early days of Moncton The Petitcodiac River was full of ships and sailboats coming in [...]

Hard Times Gallant

It started off as small store with a freezer out front, where Arthur Gallant started selling produce [...]

The Causeway

With the a bridge having replaced the Causeway a few years ago, it's now just a memory. [...]

The Subway

The Subway overpass is an iconic part of downtown that was once in the middle of Moncton's [...]

The Gunningsville Bridge

The Gunningsville Bridge has been a name given to five different bridges that crossed the Petitcodiac River [...]

Sunny Brae Arena

Designed and built by R. C. Donald, The arena opened in January 1922. Originally it has a [...]

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