Mountain Road Hump Bridge

Until 1995 if you drove down Mountain Road between Botsford and Church, you had to cross the two lane “Hump Bridge” that passed over the railway. Any vehicles that went over it fast risked bottoming out and the steep bridge was a challenge for anyone driving a stick shift. The bridge also created a blind hill making it dangerous when traffic was waiting at the Church and Botsford intersections.

The old Iron bridge was also a challenge in winter with many drivers getting stuck trying to get over the bridge, or losing control while taking a race to get up one side and not being able to stop on the other.

In 1995 the bridge and a couple of houses were demolished  in order to make way for the current concrete structure. Interestingly, at least one house was moved and re-located and the current house on the corner of Botsford Street and Mountain Road had the foundation raised.

Today, Mountain Road features a modern 4-lane bridge with a moderate incline and typical intersections, but it’s nice to remember the old Hump bridge that was once a challenging fixture that made Mountain Road and interesting drive.

CREDIT to Brian Wilson for the photos and reference materials.