The Gunningsville Bridge

The Gunningsville Bridge has been a name given to five different bridges that crossed the Petitcodiac River between Moncton and Riverview.

The first bridge, constructed in 1864, was damaged severely by the Saxby Gale in 1869.

The second bridge, opened in 1873 and was under repair when a storm destroyed three of its spans in 1891.

A third bridge replaced it, and closed in 1915.

The fourth Gunningsville Bridge (now known as the “old” bridge), was completed on January 27, 1917. This bridge had a long history of accidents. In a 1929 freak accident, a river scow named the Mayflower lost control due to the strong tidal bore on the river, and it crashed into the bridge. Its cargo of lumber was lost and two men drowned.