The Causeway

With the a bridge having replaced the Causeway a few years ago, it’s now just a memory.

Anyone that has lived, or spent time in Moncton has probably formed and opinion about the Causeway at one time or another. Should the gates have been open, or closed? Should the lake have been left alone?

There’s no denying the causeway had a prolific effect on our river and, for better or worse, it has become a part of Moncton’s history and story.

Construction of the causeway began in the mid 1960′s with the bridge and gate section constructed almost 100 feet from the actual river.  The wide river was filled in from both the Riverview and Moncton sides. Once the bridge structure was completed, a trench was dug to allow the river to flow beneath the newly constructed bridge.

When it first opened, traffic coming from Riverview was treated to the view of a garbage dump on one side, and a newly formed lake on the other. The following photos tell the story of it’s construction.