Hard Times Gallant

It started off as small store with a freezer out front, where Arthur Gallant started selling produce and fish. Arthur sold just about anything and if you asked for something and he didn’t have it, you could be sure he would have it the next time you went. He soon opened an Irving franchise and later expanded to include the store shown above.

Arthur lived in a trailer behind the store and became an avid wood carver, he always had a wood carving on display in the rear window. He also ran Dieppe taxi when he started the gas station, driving Studebakers, and eventually bought himself a Cadillac.

Arthur had a habit of taking naps after super. One day he took a nap, and passed away in his sleep. His son took over but didn’t have the heart to run it like his father did. Eventually Irving took over and demolished the building to build the present day Irving (now a Circle K).

The name “Hard Times” was given him, according to legend, because whenever you asked how things were going, he would talk about hard times.

The old building stood where the access road is now between the Circle K and Swiss Chalet. Arthur “Hard Times” Gallant was well liked and his gas station flourished for years until his death.

Special thank you to Gerry Allan, Gisele Clement, Nicole Pelletier and everyone else that shared their stories.