Salisbury and Hillsborough Railroad


The Railroad is an integral part of Greater Monctons History, and at one very brief point it was possible to travel all the way from Salisbury to Alma by Train.

Incorporated in 1864 The Albert Railway Company was to build to connect Salisbury,  to Albert to gain year-round access to all the natural resources in the area such as the Minerals Alberite and Gypsum.

Construction began i1985 and in 1877 the line from Hillsborough to Albert was opened. Shortly after that a three mile extension of the line from Albert to Harvey Bank. In 1891 the line was extended from  from Albert to Alma. Tragedy struck in 1894 with the collapse of the Shepody River Bridge that left an engine trapped on a disconnected line and ending service to Alma after just three years.

However, only three years later the collapse of the Shepody River Bridge which connected Albert to Harvey effectively brought about the end of the line from Albert to Alma.

In 1900the  line between Salisbury to Albert was purchased by the Dominion of Canada and operated by the Intercolonial Railway (which eventually became part of CN).

The section from Albert to Salisbury continued to operate on a limited basis until 1946 and was abandoned in 1955.

The rest of the line from Hillsborough to Salisbury continued to be profitable until 1981 when the Gypsum plant in Hillsborough closed. CN abandoned the line in 1982.

Railroad Museum

The Salem and Hillsborough Railroad was formed in 1982 by a group of volunteer railroad enthusiasts and retired railroad employees. They petitioned CN and took possession of a section of branch line trackage. The S&H operated regular coach and dinner tourist trains between Hillsborough and a location halfway between Hillsborough and Salisbury, named Salem, from 1982 until 2004.

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