Jones Lake

Today, Jones lake hosts annual Dragon Boat races, and is a great place to go for a jog or take a dog for a walk. But at one time, it served as the boundary of Moncton where a small bridge spanned Jonathan Creek.

Jonathan Creek was known for persistent flooding from rain, high-tides, and spring run-offs. Proving troublesome for travelers and local residence.

For decades the residents toyed with the idea of damming the lake to control the water and prevent the flooding. After many failed attempts of getting the city and government to take action, it was Moncton entrepreneur, Frederick Canon Jones, that finally took action. In 1933 with the support of locals, Jones presented a petition to city council with a plan to dam the lake. Unfortunately,  it was unsuccessful.

Jones, would then try again in 1942, and 1945 with the same results. In 1952 he took matters into his own hands.

Since he owned the property most directly affected by flooding, he was able to obtain a building permit from the city to build the dam, which was completed in 1952.

With the lake a reality, Jones tried to persuade the city to take over ownership. Discussions went on until Jones death in 1962.

Finally, in 1965, the City of Moncton purchased Jones Lake and control of the flooding and run off.


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