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This website is for everyone fascinated by how much Greater Moncton has expanded and changed in the last 100 or so years. The photos on this website are a combination of prints and postcards that were purchased online, shared by friends, and various photos found online.

This  website created by Ryan Gagné, Vice President of NOW-IC  Along with guitars and design Ryan has always had an interest in Vintage Railroads and the history surrounding Moncton and the Greater Moncton Area.

We’ll try to keep it simple, fun, and interesting.

Macys and Reid building
Vintage Moncton is something we do as a passion. We have a love and fascination with local history, and the calendar has been a way for us to take our passion beyond the web. While we have pre-sold some calendars, it’s important that we can pre-sell as many as possible...

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to make the 2015 Vintage Moncton Calendar bilingual. As well as the calendar months, the photos descriptions and stories will be in both English and French. We’re very pleased to be working with Martin LeBlanc for the editing and translation Click here to find our...

Pre-order the 2015 Vintage Moncton Calendar, and be entered to win a custom framed print ($150 value). 1) Winners can select their choice of 25 different prints. 2) Shipping included to Canada. 3) Each calendar pre-order counts as one entry. (e.g 5 calendars = 5 ballots). 4) 20 x 24...

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