• 885MainStreet

    885 Main Street

    Photo of 885 Main Street showing Cloggs and other historic downtown retailers. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL SIZE PHOTO...
  • PizzaDelight

    The UFO Pizza Delight

    CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL-SIZE We’ve shared different photos of the “Pizza Saucer” before, but someone has finally sent us a higher quality version....
  • featureimage

    Moncton in the 50′s – Part 1

    This is the first of a multi-part series that we will be doing that features what life, entertainment and the economy was like in the 1950′s. The source is travel brochure that was put together by the NB tourism Board in the early 1950′s.  ...
  • 1966 Moncton-Riverview causeway construction - gates

    The Causeway

    Anyone that has lived, or spent time in Moncton has probably formed and opinion about the Causeway. Should the gates be open, or closed? There’s no denying the causeway has had a prolific affect on our river and, for better or worse, it has become a part of Moncton’s history. Construction of the causeway began [...]...
  • VintageMonctonCalendar_preview

    2014 Vintage Moncton Calendar

    The Vintage Moncton 2014 Calendar is now complete! The 8.5 x 11 12 month calendar is a combination of vintage colour and black and white photos. The regular price of the calendar is $19.99+ shipping   Order: Order options Local Pick-up $19.99 CAD Shipped in Canada $22.00 CAD Shipped to US $23.95 CAD Shipped International [...]...
  • 29426_522407127771935_338850283_n

    Best of 2012

    Here’s a gallery of some of the most popular photos that were posted in 2012....

Welcome to Vintage Moncton

This website is for everyone fascinated by how much Greater Moncton has expanded and changed in the last 100 or so years. The photos on this website are a combination of prints and postcards that were purchased online, shared by friends, and various photos found online.

This  website created by Ryan Gagné, Vice President of NOW-IC  Along with guitars and design Ryan has always had an interest in Vintage Railroads and the history surrounding Moncton and the Greater Moncton Area.

We’ll try to keep it simple, fun, and interesting.

Latest Photos

  • 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-west-view 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-southern-roadbed 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-south-view 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-second-footing 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-roadbed 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-north-view 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-george-jesty 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-gates 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-gates-foundation 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-gates-footing 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-footing 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-bridge-girder 1966-moncton-riverview-causeway-construction-bridge-gates 705123_531759506836697_1610380281_o 479275_398590900153559_272677671_o 470963_508233389189309_1617170254_o 403642_352417131437603_978311976_n 326054_350191034993546_1747681369_o 29426_522407127771935_338850283_n